Sets x2 K9 Lasercut Velcro Patches

Set of 2 K9 Lasercut Patches for Dog Harness with VELCRO hook

4.33 out of 5
(4 customer reviews)


Set of 2 K9 Lasercut VELCRO® Brand hook fastener Patches for Dog Harness

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  • Need help choosing camos/colors? Check out the list of available Backgrounds and Base Materials for Texts/Images
  • Fast and Free shipping to most countries where post is reliable. We do ship to APO/FPO.
  • We ship same or next business day, except large orders or when including complex custom designs.
  • Delivery to the US: 7-10 business days (*) / to the European Union: 4-7 business days / to APO/FPO and rest of the world: 2-4 weeks.
  • Designed in Barcelona. Made in Spain with attention to detail and using the best military grade materials (most of them made in the US and some few sourced in Germany/UK).
(*) Trackings to the US may take up to 4-5 biz days to show in USPS website. This is correct because we use UPS expedited for the overseas itinerary Spain>US to speed up the delivery. While orders are flying with UPS, USPS will show "waiting for item" status.


Sizes in inches (1 inch = 2.54 cm).

This listing is for ONE (1) SET of TWO (2) Patches. When ordering ONE (1) set, you will get TWO (2) patches .

There’s no option to mix in a given set different colors, different texts, or include custom requests (placing logos, writing special texts, etc). Both patches must read the same text picked from the option list, and have to share the same colors. Should you have any special request, most probably it will have to be managed as a custom set of patches, please get in touch with us to discuss the details.

Slashes (“/”) in the “K9 Text” option list mean LINE RETURN. For example, the slash (“/”) in “SEARCH / & RESCUE” means that there will be 2 lines of text, first line reading “SEARCH”, and second line reading “& RESCUE”. No slash means that the text is placed in one single line.

Patches backed with HOOK VELCRO® Brand fasteners (LOOP pieces not supplied, add a note to the order requesting it should you need the LOOP sides, we will include them at no cost).

Additional information

Size (inch)

1.5×4, 1.75×6, 2×5, 2×6, 2×8

Background Color/Camo

A-TACS AT (Arctic Tundra) (T54), A-TACS AU (T38), A-TACS FG (T17), A-TACS Ghost (T22), A-TACS IX (T35), A-TACS LE-X (T08), ACU (T20), AOR1 / Digital Desert MARPAT (T40), AOR2 / NWU Type III (T14), Black (T01), Coyote Brown / Tan (T31), Dark Brown (T73), Denim (T78), Desert Night (T61), Desert Sand (T33), Desert Tiger Stripe (T42), Digital Flora (EMR RusPat) (T65), Flecktarn (T16), Georgia Peach (T77), Gold (T85), Grass Green (T79), Kryptek Highlander (T39), Kryptek Mandrake (T19), Kryptek Obskura (T68), Kryptek Raid (T29), Kryptek Typhon (T09), M05 Woodland (M05), Mango (T72), MARPAT Woodland / Digital Woodland (T11), Mirage (T86), Multicam (T10), Multicam Alpine (T50), Multicam Arid (T30), Multicam Black (T05), Multicam Tropic (T15), Navy Blue (T93), Neon Lime (T94), Neon Pink (T74), OCP (T64), OD Green / Olive Drab (T13), Orange Fluo Hi Vis (T91), Partizan SS Leto (T62), Pencott Badlands (T36), Pencott Greenzone (T60), Pencott Sandstorm (T37), Pencott Snowdrift (T55), Police Dark Blue (T06), Port (T75), Purple (T71), Ranger Green (T12), Red (T96), Rhodesian Brushstroke (T69), Royal Blue (T92), Rust (T70), Six-Color Desert Chocolate Chip (T41), Splatter (T83), Tan 499 (T32), Tiger Stripe Vietnam (T84), Tropentarn (T45), Turquoise (T76), Vegetato (T63), White (T51), Wolf Gray (T25), Woodland M81 (T18), WWII Frogskin Brownside (T43), WWII Frogskin Greenside (T67), Yellow Fluo Hi Vis (T98)

K9 Text

ASK TO PET (#8040003), BORDER PATROL (#8040022), EMOTIONAL / SUPPORT (#8040010), IN TRAINING (#8040001), IN TRAINING / DO NOT PET (#8040026), K-9 UNIT (#8040004), K9 SAR (#8040007), K9 UNIT (#8040023), MILITARY K9 (#8040020), PATROL K9 (#8040024), POLICE (#8040012), POLICE K-9 (#8040000), POLIZEI (#8040018), RESCUE (#8040013), SEARCH / & RESCUE (#8040014), SEARCH / AND RESCUE (#8040008), SEARCH DOG (#8040015), SECURITY K9 (#8040021), SERVICE DOG (#8040002), SERVICE DOG / ASK TO PET (#8040011), SERVICE DOG / DO NOT PET (#8040005), SERVICE DOG / IN TRAINING (#8040006), SHERIFF (#8040019), THERAPY DOG (8040009), U.S. ARMY (#8040025), WORKING DOG (#8040016), WORKING DOG / DO NOT PET (#8040017)


IR (Black Infrared Reflective), 3M SOLAS Honeycomb Reflective (A), Glow in the Dark / GITD (G), Reflective 3M Prismatic White (M1), Reflective 3M Prismatic Yellow (M2), Reflective 3M Prismatic Red (M3), Reflective 3M Prismatic Blue (M4), Reflective White (R1), Reflective Yellow Honey (R3), Reflective Yellow Lemon (R6), Reflective Red (R2), Reflective Orange (R4), Reflective Blue (R9), Reflective Black (R5), Black (solid color, non-IR) (S1), White (solid color) (S0), Yellow (solid color) (S2), Red (solid color) (S3), Orange (solid color) (S7), Grey Silver (solid color) (S5), Grey Dark/Graphite (solid color) (S9), Blue Medium/Royal (solid color) (S4), Blue Dark/Marine (solid color) (S8), Green Dark/Woodland (solid color) (S6), Green Lime (solid color) (S11), Spice Brown (solid color) (S10), Violet (solid color) (S12), Pink (solid color) (S13)

4 reviews for Set of 2 K9 Lasercut Patches for Dog Harness with VELCRO hook

  1. 4 out of 5

    Timothy BOU (verified owner)

    100% satisfied, I recommend TacticalFreaky 200% 😉

  2. 4 out of 5

    Joe Kim (verified owner)

    They look awesome

  3. 5 out of 5

    tim.a.jordan (verified owner)

    Outstanding patches in IR for nighttime operations!

  4. 5 out of 5

    Stephen (verified owner)

    excellent quality and would buy from again

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