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What are morale patches? When they were born?

Morale insignias are emblems showing statements and/or images with a general goal of morale boosting. You can find morale badges intended to build a plethora of different conditions or states:

  • strengthen “esprit de corps”, create camaraderie and team cohesion,
  • commemorate special events (victories, achievements, etc),
  • express ideals or criticism,
  • show patriotism and support to your country or unit,
  • intimidate the enemy,
  • make joke, make fun,
  • etc

Their origins come from the beginning of 20th century when military morale patches were used to identify own units from the enemies. During the Vietnam War Era, morale insignias were of widespread use among GIs and SOG Teams. They were intended as a basic form of psychological warfare to intimidate the enemy. Currently, morale badges are commonly seen being worn by civilians, many government agencies, and First Responders.

Over the last few years, we’ve witnessed an irruption of fresh and creative morale patch quotes. They use to make sarcastic, hilarious or critical statements. Those quotes are often related to hot news involving politics or events, or popular viral messages and jokes on social media. Sentences or quotes seen on movies are also a common source of inspiration.

In the case of military morale insignias, permission to wear them on the uniform is usually granted at the discretion of the unit’s commander. However, there’re countless examples of morale badges that have been adopted as the identification of the unit.

Tactical Freaky, your one stop source for morale VELCRO patches

We’re focused on making the best morale patches around using laser cutting technology and backed with VELCRO® Brand hook fasteners. Laser cutting technology provides great advantages over other types of patches (embroidery, PVC, etc):

  • Extreme resistance and durability.
  • Ability to feature special light effects: IR (infrared reflectivity), glow in the dark (GITD), and reflectivity (of visible light in darkness).
  • Countless customization options (800+ colors and camouflages, different sizes and shapes, etc).
  • High accuracy and precision providing cleaner cuts and more detailed images.

The above benefits are the reason why lasercut insignias are of wide use in the military.

Although you can find sew on and iron on morale insignias out there, modern insignias are usually backed with hook VELCRO to ease their removal. When entering in combat, a full color VELCRO patch can be quickly replaced by a camouflage version matching the uniform. As a result you decrease the danger of being targeted or allow you to gain surprise over the enemy. VELCRO® Brand hook fasteners make it easy to attach insignias to uniforms, helmets, caps, backpacks, plate carriers, and even car and truck roofs.

We work hard to offer the largest catalog of morale VELCRO patches online. Our patches offer a plethora of customization options so you can match them with your gear and uniform.

In our store, you will find lots of popular designs including meme morale patches, spartan morale patches, viking patches, and other generic tactical morale patches. Many of them are funny morale patches which sometimes are overtly humorous, but in some cases only if you know the full story.  You may also find dirty and kinda offensive morale patches in the store. We’re open to list them as long as their messages/images show a minimum good taste and don’t instigate inappropriate conducts. What’s appropriate and what’s not will be decided in our judgment. Designs promoting hatred, violence, racism, discrimination, supremacism, nazism, among other undesired conducts, will not be accepted.

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