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Tactical Freaky, largest selection of laser-cut Navy patches.

At Tactical Freaky we specialize in designing and manufacturing laser-cut Mil-Spec Navy insignias and badges.

Laser cutting technology is key to providing sturdy and long-lasting items able to endure extreme conditions. Other benefits of lasercut patches are clean, crisp designs and the possibility to include special light effects for low or no visibility environments -basically standard reflectivity (visible light) and infrared reflectivity (IR).

All patches are VELCRO backed. VELCRO® Brand fasteners make it extremely easy to fasten and remove a patch, and are strong and durable components able to support hard conditions.

Considering that we’re true fans of Navy SEAL patches, our catalog includes a number of items related to the SEALs, many of them depicting “pseudo-official” logos worn by a number of DEVGRU squadrons. In fact, DEVGRU patches are among our best selling items, no need to explain why 😉

Navy uniform patches placement.

According to Navy regulations, the only mandatory Navy shoulder patch required to be worn on Navy Working Uniforms (NWU) II and III is a Reverse US flag on the right shoulder.

A Navy Don’t tread on me patch (DTOM) and a Command/Unit logo may be worn optionally on the left shoulder. The Command/Unit logo patch design must be approved by the unit commander.

Since 2019, a custom design can be worn in lieu of the Navy don’t tread on me patch in non-tactical situations. That custom design must be approved by the unit commander.

Get your Navy VELCRO patch in NWU Type 2 or Type 3.

Tactical Freaky is able to supply both NWU type II and NWU type III patterns.

NWU Type II is often known as AOR1 although there are actually slight differences, hardly noticeable to the naked eye in small items like patches.

Same happens with NWU Type III patches which are often interchangeable with AOR2, making their differences difficult to notice as well.

Procuring genuine NWU Types II and III fabrics is not always feasible, that’s why sometimes we use AOR1 or AOR2 as replacements. Again, we do believe that as mentioned before their differences are barely perceptible. In any case, all our fabrics are Mil-Spec textiles imported from the US and procured from certified suppliers.

May I get a Navy uniform patch in a size compliant with Navy regulations?

We can make patches in many different sizes ranging from 1×1 to 10×4 inches. However, in order to be fully compliant with the Navy regulations one of the sizes we offer in many of our articles is 2-1/8 x 4 inches. Most of our patches in the store, including the US Navy flag patch, can be ordered in that size.

Again, should you intend to wear your patch out of duty or just for fun (on hats, backpacks, etc), you have a bunch of other sizes to choose from!

Looking for a Custom Navy Patch? Missing any popular Navy insignia in the store?

We’re really happy and willing to add new US Navy patches to our growing catalog. Needing a Navy rank patch or a Navy rating patch not currently available in our store? Just contact us to discuss your requirements.

Do you need a custom Navy insignia or badge featuring a special design or with specific lettering? Please contact us to assess your needs in terms of feasibility, cost and MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity).

By the way, have you taken a look at our Custom Patches section? Probably you can find there pre-designed custom patches which could fulfill your needs without setup fees and no minimums. Check them out!