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Where did military patches originate?

Military insignias are considered to be born in WW1. At that time they were insignias intended to identify individual units on battle dress uniforms and distinguish one’s own troops from the enemy.

Before WW1, guidons, standards, and colors were the common elements used to identify military formations. However, due to the adoption of drab colored uniforms during WW1, the need to find a different solution lead to the development of other identification methods.

The British Army started to use specifically colored insignias worn on uniforms or painted on helmets. Simultaneously, the US Army began to adopt shoulder sleeve insignias (SSI).

The use of military insignias gradually evolved from simple battlefield identification to showing rank, qualification, status, or achievements, becoming symbols of service, sacrifice, and commitment.

Tactical Freaky: your best supplier for lasercut military patches

At Tactical Freaky, we strive to deliver the best military VELCRO insignias using laser cutting technology. Laser-cut patches provide great benefits over other types of patches (embroidery, PVC, etc.):

  • Sturdiness and durability.
  • More detailed images and texts thanks to the high accuracy and precision of laser cutting.
  • Ability to feature special light effects: IR (Infrared Reflective), Glow in the Dark, or standard Reflectivity

The above advantages are probably the reasons why lasercut insignias are the preferred by the military when entering in combat.

IR military patches.

Tactical Freaky supplies IR (Infrared Reflective) military badges featuring true infrared reflectivity, 100% guaranteed. Our IR patches have passed successfully several tests made by a number of US military units which have ordered from us in the past.

In darkness, our IR patches shine brightly when seen through NVG (Night Vision Goggles) while being hit by infrared light. Infrared reflection at night helps with identification and protects the soldier from friendly fire.

During daytime, our IR patches eliminate visible light reflection thanks to their non-reflective matte finish. Removing unexpected sunlight reflections protects the soldier from being seen and targeted.

At Tactical Freaky we don’t distinguish “pro-IR” from “amateur-IR” patches. All our IR insignias are made to military standards, no matter how you call them.

Tactical Freaky: your one stop military patch maker offering a plethora of customizations possibilities

We strive to be the military badge maker offering the largest range of customization options out there. Our patches can be ordered in 800+ combinations of backgrounds (colors and camouflages) and vinyls (base materials for texts and images). Sizes, layouts, and flag orientation (forward vs backwards) are often offered as options as well. Should you want to customize something different, we’re open and glad to talk about it, just contact us.

VELCRO backed? Why a military VELCRO patch is the best choice?

All our patches are backed with VELCRO® Brand hook fasteners. Armed forces make wide use of hook and loop patches because military VELCRO items allow for an easy and quick attachment and removal.

For instance, you can replace full color insignias by subdued or camouflage versions before entering in combat. Backing our patches with hook VELCRO makes it easy to attach them to loop VELCRO attachments on uniforms, helmets, and plate carriers. Other non-military users will also be able to apply them on caps, backpacks, wall panels, and even car and truck roofs.

Proper placement of military patches.

Military name patches or Tapes are worn on the chest of US armed forces. Military unit patches are generally placed on the right shoulder underneath a military american flag patch.

Why are some military flags insignias backwards?

American flag look backwards when worn on the right shoulder. This is because the flag has to look like it’s flying in the wind when the soldier moves forward.

Then, you should choose a forward flag when willing to wear it on the left shoulder and a backward reversed flag when on the right shoulder. This applies to many other armies apart from the US military. We constantly get orders from non-American customers requesting their flags to be reversed so as to be worn on the right shoulder. Don’t hesitate to request your flag in the reversed version, any flag design can be easily reversed.

Tactical Freaky, the largest selection of lasercut military insignia patches in the world.

Please check out our large and constantly growing catalog.

You will find a plethora of military VELCRO insignias and bades. Our catalog includes military rank patches, military army patches, military police patches, among others.

If looking for funny military patches, please also take a look at our category of military morale patches.

Most of our items are US military patches, although there’re some from other countries. Please contact us should you need a military insignia from a non-american unit which is still not listed in our store. We will gladly assess your requirement in terms of feasibility and cost, and will consider adding it to our growing catalog.

Custom military patches

Don’t forget to check out our custom military insignias should you need a special design or a custom military name patch. We’ve been shipping thousands of custom military inisgnias around the globe since 2017!