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Shop Highly Customizable Lasercut patches backed with VELCRO® Brand hook fasteners and made to Military Standards. Click HERE to learn more.

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Tactical Freaky, your one stop source for highly customizable Police patches.

At Tactical Freaky we specialize in Law Enforcement patches meant to be worn on tactical equipment (plate carriers, IFAK jackets, body armor gear, etc). Our patches are backed with VELCRO® Brand hook fasteners for quick attachment and removal and are made using high-precision laser cutting technology.

Customization options are countless:

  • 10+ sizes available (from 1×1 inches to 10×4).
  • 40+ color options including solid colors and the most popular camouflages.
  • Texts and logos can be made in 20+ different ways. These include reflective tapes and IR (infrared reflective) films should you need to be clearly visible in low or no visibility conditions.

No other patch maker out there is able to provide as many customization options as Tactical Freaky.

Laser-cut patches? What’s the point with laser-cut Police VELCRO patches?

Compared to embroidered, woven, or PVC patches, lasercut Police VELCRO badges and insignias provide greater advantages:

  • Made to military standards, using mil spec materials, built to last.
  • Texts and images feature much greater details thanks to the accuracy and precision of laser cutting technology.
  • Requirements for low or no visibility conditions can be easily implemented (reflective tapes, IR films).

With regards visibility, there’re 2 scenarios where a Hi-Vis patch will be of interest:

  • Reflective Police patches are probably the most requested type of Police vest patches. Their highly-reflective texts and images are visible in daytime and reflect direct light in darkness. Our patches will make sure you’re clearly visible and identifiable while on duty.
  • Should you belong to a special tactical unit requiring Infrared Reflective (IR) patches for clear identification in darkness when using NVGs, our IR Police tactical patches feature mil spec infrared reflectivity. Our IR patches are true-IR items which have successfully passed several tests performed by a number of US military units.

The largest selection of laser-cut Police ID patches.

At Tactical Freaky we strive to build the best and largest catalog of Police ID placards, chest ID panels, and other identification patches for use on tactical equipment (body armor, plate carriers, etc).

In addition to ID patches, our catalog includes other law enforcement popular items. Some few examples are Police morale patches, Police K9 patches, military Police patches, state Police badges, and Sheriff Patches, among others. We also have patches in use by a number of LE agencies and special units (FBI, US Marshals, SWAT, etc).

Configure with ease your custom Police patch.

Please check out our custom patches section to find the most popular layouts (templates) of customizable ID patches with no setup fees and no minimum quantity required. Just pick the right template, select the appropriate options (size, background, etc), and tell us which ID texts you need it to read.

Most of our templates include flags which can be easily customized in different ways. Choose a full color vinyl flag or simply get it cut by the laser cutting machine (non full color). Pick the flag orientation (backwards vs forward) and whether a thin blue line (or other color) should be added. Even replace the flag by other logos or flags (your state flag, a historical flag, etc.) which in some cases can be full color logos/images (ask for availability).

Don’t hesitate to contact us should you need a special custom design or a special Police department patch not currently available in our store. We’re open and willing to assess your Police patch design in terms of cost and MOQ (minimum order quantity). We will gladly work with you to design your own Police emblem as well.

We’ve been supplying thousands of custom Police placards, badges and insignias since 2017.