List of Base Materials for
Texts and Images

Check out below the List of Base Materials available for Texts and Images

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IR (Infrared Reflective)

Mil-Spec Infrared Reflectivity (IR), 100% guaranteed.
Our IR patches look black matte during daylight and shine brightly in the dark when hit with an infrared emitting lamp and watched using NVGs (Night Vision Goggles)
Using high grade materials, mostly procured from the US (3M) and the rest from renown british manufacturers.
IR during daylight
Daylight view (black matte)
IR in the dark view
As seen in darkness (*)

(*) Using NVG and infrared emitting devices

IR dark vs daylight comparison
Daylight vs Darkness views

3M SOLAS Reflective

Genuine 3M SOLAS-certified reflective tape (SOLAS = “Safety Of Life At Sea”), USCG approved
SOLAS certification means that this tape provides an ultra-high grade of reflectivity enhancing visibility at long ranges in low light and nighttime conditions
It features a characteristic Honeycomb silver pattern during daylight, which reflects with an intense whitish light in dark conditions when hit by a light source.
3M SOLAS reflective tape
3M SOLAS reflective tape

Glow in the Dark (GITD)

High intensity phosphorescent vinyl which glows in darkness conditions after exposure to natural or artificial light.
Using eco-friendly materials, not radioactive and cadmium-free.
The glow diminishes with time being very intense during the first hour and still being visible after several hours
Glow in the Dark - GITD - Daylight
Daylight view
Glow in the Dark - GITD - Darkness
As seen in darkness
Glow in the Dark - GITD - Daylight vs Darkness
Daylight vs Darkness views

3M Prismatic Reflective

Durable and weatherproof prismatic 3M film featuring a high level of retroreflectivity.
Available in White, Yellow, Red and Blue glossy films made in the US.
3M High Intensity MicroPrismatic Reflective
3M Prismatic Reflective Hi-Viz


Durable and weatherproof solid color films with excellent reflectivity.
Good choice for when you need a flat color look but also need a high reflectivity grade like prismatic films.
Available in White, Yellow Honey, Yellow Lemon, Red, Blue, Orange and Black glossy films made in Germany.
reflective solid color film
reflective solid color hi-viz

Solid Colors

Solid color non-reflective vinyls, featuring a beautiful matt look.
Available in Black, White, Yellow, Red, Orange, Silver Grey, Dark Grey (Graphite), Medium Blue (Royal), Dark Blue (Marine), Dark Green (Woodland) (*), Green Lime, Spice Brown (*), Violet, and Pink

(*) Dark Green (Woodland) and Spice Brown only available as gloss

Vinyl Matt Black
Black (matt)
Vinyl Matt White
White (matt)
Vinyl Matt Red
Red (matt)
Vinyl Matt Yellow
Yellow (matt)
Vinyl Matt Orange
Orange (matt)
Vinyl Matt Blue Medium Royal
Medium Blue Royal (matt)
Vinyl Matt Blue Dark Marine
Dark Blue Marine (matt)
Vinyl Matt Grey Silver
Silver Grey (matt)
Vinyl Matt Grey Graphite
Dark Grey Graphite (matt)
Vinyl Gloss Woodland Green
Dark Green Woodland (gloss)
green lime (solid color)
Green Lime (matt)
Spice Brown (gloss)
violet (solid color)
Violet (matt)
pink (solid color)
Pink (matt)