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The American flag patch

The American Flag insignia depicts the national flag of the United States of America. It’s also known as the “Stars and Stripes”, “Old Glory”, and the “Star-Spangled Banner”. Each of the 50 stars represent the 50 states of the USA. This is probably the most sold patch in the world, being usually worn as a demonstration of patriotism and support to your country but also as a mandatory insignia in the military branches of the US.

Tactical Freaky: the largest catalog of American flag patches in the world

Tactical Freaky is proud to offer the widest catalog of US Flag VELCRO Patches made with laser cutting technology. All of our patches can be matched to your equipment and gear thanks to a plethora of customization options:

  • 800+ different color combinations of backgrounds (colors and camouflages) and vinyls for texts and images.
  • 10+ different sizes
  • orientation forward vs reversed (backwards)

With respect sizes, we offer from Small American Flag Patches (size 1×2 inches) to almost whatever large size you can imagine (up to 10×4 inches). It’s good to mention, however, that usually the bigger requested size is Jumbo Large American Flag Patches (size 5×3 inches), which is usually placed on the chest when wearing plate carriers or flak jackets.

Why an American flag patch made with laser cutting technology?

Laser-cut American flag VELCRO insignias provide a number of benefits compared to other types of insignias like embroidery and rubber (PVC). Laser-cut insignias are made to military standards (milspec).

Featuring extreme resilience and durability, they depict highly detailed images and texts thanks to the great precision and accuracy of laser cutting technology

In addition, they can include special light features should they need to be used in low or no visibility conditions. Some few examples below:

  • militaries using IR American Flag Patches to avoid friendly fire in darkness when using NVGs,
  • and First Responders needing Reflective US flag patch to remain clearly visible under low or no visibility

VELCRO backed? What’s the point of American VELCRO flag patches?

All of our USA Flag Patches are backed with VELCRO® Brand hook fasteners. VELCRO fasteners provide a convenient and fast method to remove and attach insignias to the vast majority of gear (uniforms, helmets, plate carriers, backpacks, etc).

Backwards American Flag Patches? Why the US flag is often worn backwards?

We’ve been asked regularly what’s the meaning or purpose of using backwards American flags (reversed flags).

It’s a common practice in many countries’ militaries worldwide to wear their national flag patches in such a way that the flag looks like flying in the wind when the soldier moves forward. This means that when wearing an American Flag on the left shoulder, it has to be a forward (regular) flag. However, when wearing it on the right shoulder, you need a Reverse American Flag Patch (looking backwards).

This is also common in other countries —that’s why you will see in our store many other flags offering the option to be reversed.

This applies in general when wearing flags on shoulders, however an American Flag Patch for a hat or for the chest will usually be a forward flag.

What does a black American flag patch represent?

Another good question we’re often asked about is the black American flag meaning (this is an all-black flag, no other colors). The reason originated in the military to give a message that no enemies would be taken as prisoners but killed instead —that is “no quarter will be given”. The same explanation also applied to Black And White American Flag Patches which may transmit the same intention.

Nevertheless, it’s not uncommon to see individuals wearing these black or black-and-white insignias just because they like them or simply because they like all black gear.