List of Available Backgrounds
Camouflages and Solid Colors

Check out below the List of Backgrounds (Camouflages and Solid Colors) in alphabetical order
Also don’t forget to scroll down to the bottom of the page to see a visual comparison of some camos/colors which often lead to confusion or questions

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A-TACS AT - Arctic Tundra pattern fabric


AT = Arctic Tundra

(our ref. #T54)

A-TACS AU pattern fabric


AU = Arid Urban

(our ref. #T38)


FG = Foliage Green

(our ref. #T17)

A-TACS IX pattern fabric


IX = Intermediate Xtreme

(our ref. #T35)

A-TACS LE pattern fabric


LE = Law Enforcement

(our ref. #T07)

ACU pattern fabric


(our ref. #T20)

AOR1 - Digital Desert MARPAT pattern fabric

AOR1 / NWU Type II

AOR1 is actually slightly different from NWU Type II, however differences are hardly noticeable in small products so we use both interchangeably. Sometimes known as Desert Digital MARPAT too.

(our ref. #T40)

AOR2 - NWU Type 3 pattern fabric


Same case as AOR1, we use AOR2 and NWU Type III interchangeably as the differences are hardly noticeable when used in patches

(our ref. #T14)

Black background fabric


(our ref. #T01)

Coyote Brown fabric

Coyote Brown

(our ref. #T31)

Desert Night pattern fabric

Desert Night

Used by the US during the Gulf War to achieve a better concealment from soviet-based NVGs

(our ref. #T61)

Desert Sand fabric

Desert Sand

(our ref. #T33)

Digital Flora pattern fabric

Digital Flora (EMR / RusPat)

Military camo in use in the Russian Armed Forces, aka EMR and RusPat

(our ref. #T65)

Flecktarn pattern fabric

Flecktarn 5-Colors (“5-Farben”)

Used by the German military (Bundeswehr) in temperate woodland terrains

(our ref. #T16)

Kryptek Highlander pattern

Kryptek Highlander

(our ref. #T39)

Kryptek Mandrake pattern fabric

Kryptek Mandrake

(our ref. #T19)

Kryptek Raid pattern fabric

Kryptek Raid

(our ref. #T29)

Kryptek Typhon pattern fabric

Kryptek Typhon

(our ref. #T09)

MARPAT Digital Woodland pattern

MARPAT Digital Woodland

In use with the US Marine Corps

(our ref. #T11)

Multicam OCP pattern fabric

Multicam (Standard)

The most adopted camouflage globally, and used in form of variations by many countries (MTP “Multi-Terrain Pattern” by the British Army, Russian Spetsnaz, etc)

(our ref. #T10)

Multicam Alpine pattern fabric

Multicam Alpine

(our ref. #T50)

Multicam Arid pattern

Multicam Arid

(our ref. #T30)

Multicam Black pattern

Multicam Black

(our ref. #T05)

Multicam Tropic pattern fabric

Multicam Tropic

(our ref. #T15)

Navy Blue fabric

Navy Blue

(our ref. #T93)

OD Green - Olive Drab

OD Green / Olive Drab

(our ref. #T13)

Orange Blazing Fluo Hi Vis

Orange (Blazing, Fluo, Hi-Vis)

(our ref. #T91)

Pencott Badlands pattern

Pencott Badlands

(our ref. #T36)

Pencott Greenzone pattern fabric

Pencott Greenzone

(our ref. #T60)

pencott sandstorm

Pencott Sandstorm

(our ref. #T37)

Pencott Snowdrift pattern

Pencott Snowdrift

(our ref. #T55)

Ranger Green fabric

Ranger Green

(our ref. #T12)

Red fabric


(our ref. #T96)

Royal Blue

Royal Blue

(our ref. #T92)

Splatter pattern fabric


(our ref. #T83)

Tan 499


(our ref. #T32)

Tiger Stripe Vietnam Era

Tiger Stripe Vietnam

(our ref. #T84)

Tropentarn pattern

Tropentarn 3-Colors (“3-Farben”)

Used by the German military (Bundeswehr) in arid and desert conditions

(our ref. #T45)

Urban pattern fabric


(our ref. #T27)

White fabric


(our ref. #T51)

Wolf Gray fabric

Wolf Gray

(our ref. #T25)

Woodland M81 pattern

Woodland M81

(our ref. #T18)

Yellow Fluo Hi Vis fabric

Yellow (Fluo, Hi-Vis)

(our ref. #T98)

Camouflages/Colors Visual Comparison

comparison A-TACS AT Arctic Tundra vs Multicam Alpine

A-TACS AT (left)
Multicam Alpine (right)

comparison Kryptek Raid vs Kryptek Typhon

Kryptek Raid (left)
Kryptek Typhon (right)

comparison Multicam vs Multicam Tropic

Multicam (Standard) (left)
Multicam Tropic (right)

comparison Ranger Green vs OD Green Olive Drab

Ranger Green (left)
OD Green (aka Olive Drab) (right)

comparison Tan 499 vs Coyote Brown vs Desert Sand

Tan 499 (left)
Coyote Brown (center)
Desert Sand (right)