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Shop Highly Customizable Lasercut patches backed with VELCRO® Brand hook fasteners and made to Military Standards. Click HERE to learn more.

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Learn more about Custom VELCRO® Brand Hook and Loop Patches
Advantages of laser cut patches compared to embroidered, woven, and PVC.
Our Custom VELCRO laser cut patches provide many benefits that other types of patches don’t. This is the reason why they’re the preferred patches of the military:

Extreme resilience, durability, built to last
They can feature exclusive and unique light effects: IR (infrared reflectivity), glow in the dark (GITD), and standard reflectivity (reflecting visible light in darkness).
Endless customization options (currently 800+ different colorways, along with many different sizes, shapes, etc)
High accuracy and precision which allow for cleaner cuts and more detailed images.

The Best technology for your custom VELCRO patches
Make your own custom VELCRO patch using the best technology (laser cutting) at affordable prices and no minimums (*).
Add stunning light effects (reflective, glow in the dark, IR, …) to create one-of-a-kind custom made patches . Choose among 800+ Backgrounds, Camouflages, and Vinyls (base materials) to match your gear and equipment.
Custom VELCRO patches have endless customization possibilities. You can create exclusive and breathtaking items with high longevity and durability. They will last for years to come.
(*) No minimums apply when ordering a custom patch based on any of our pre-designed templates in the store.

Tactical Freaky : your best source for custom VELCRO patches.
We strive to make things easy, fast, and as inexpensive as possible without sacrificing quality.
In our store you’ll find a number of pre-designed custom patches with no minimum quantity required. They’re based on templates (specific layouts, sizes, and elements), and benefit from a blazing production (shipping same or next day) and affordable prices.
These pre-designed customizable laser cut listings include the most widely used types of identification patches: call signs, ZAK numbers (UK), name tapes, and ID tags. You just need to pick the right options (background, base material, etc) and choose the quantity. When placing the order just add a note with your desired custom texts.
In any case, if your project doesn’t fit in any of our pre-designed custom patch listings, we’re open to talk about your special requirements. Just send us your artwork and describe your needs.
Our goal is that Tactical Freaky becomes your one-stop custom patch maker offering the largest catalog of custom made patches online and making it easy for everybody to create custom patch designs using laser cutting technology.

FAQ Custom VELCRO patches
Which elements are customizable?
You can decide many different aspects of your custom hook and loop patch which wouldn’t be as feasible with other types of patches:

Define which texts and logos/images to include
Choose from 800+ different background colors and camouflages
Pick the vinyl (base material) to use for texts and images

Depending on the design, you might also choose:

edge thread color
and shape (*)

(*) in addition to squares and rectangles, we can make custom VELCRO patches in the form of circles, rhombus, skulls, spades, crosses, shields, etc.

How to attach my custom VELCRO patch?
Custom hook and loop patches need to be attached to a loop VELCRO tape. Our custom patches come with hook VELCRO backing. We also supply a loop VELCRO piece just in case your gear doesn’t have a place to attach VELCRO patches.
If this is the case, you just need to sew the supplied loop tape onto the place where you plan to attach the patch.

Where can custom VELCRO patches be worn?
Where custom VELCRO patches are worn depends mainly on the typology of customers. Some order custom patches for hats and caps. Others need custom VELCRO patches for tactical vests (plate carriers, flak jackets, etc). Fionally, custom military patches are worn on uniforms or helmets.
Patch size may also determine how to wear a patch: Large custom police patches and placards are usually placed on plate carriers (either on the back or the front), while minuscule ranger cat eye custom patches are perfect for tiny VELCRO places where no other sizes fit.

Is there a minimum quantity order?
Our pre-designed custom VELCRO patches have no minimum because they’re based on templates which ease the process of design and production.
On the other hand, when requesting a special design, most likely we will set up a fair MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) which will depend mainly on the complexity of the project. Once a price of a MOQ has been determined, every single patch in the order can be made in a different color. No need to order all the same.

Can I order any size or any shape?
Unfortunately not. We have an extensive list of available sizes which range from 1×1 to 4×10 inches and which, in our opinion, cover 99% of our customers’ needs.
The same happens for shapes. We offer a wide and growing portfolio of shapes including squares, rectangles, circles, rhombus, triangles, skulls, spades, etc, and making other special shapes isn’t available.
The only exception is for large projects involving a minimum of 50 patches of the same size or shape. If this is your case, please contact us. Please note, however, that the mentioned minimum of 50 pcs may be higher when requesting complex shapes.
Please contact us to get the list of available sizes and shapes. 

With respect to custom patches which include a flag, can I reverse the flag to wear it on the right shoulder?
No problem reversing the flag (backwards vs forward), just make sure to indicate this point when ordering.

Can I replace the flag with another image or logo?
We’re open and glad to replace the flag with another image/logo from another patch in the store, as long as that image/logo fits in the space occupied by the flag.
Should you want to include an image/logo which is not in our catalog and needs to be designed first, please contact us to discuss your needs. Likely, it will require a MOQ to cover the extra design costs.

I’ve seen an standard patch in your webstore, but I would like to order it with some modifications, Is this possible?
Got it, you want to take a standard patch from our store and customize it with some modifications. No problem! Just contact us so we can better understand your needs. Please note that this will be a custom made patch with a higher price and probably with a minimum order requirement (MOQ). The MOQ will depend on the complexity of the customization.

How to order? Do I have to request a quote?
When it comes to pre-designed custom VELCRO patches, there is no need to request a quote. You can order them in a few seconds after picking the right options and setting the quantity to order.
With regards to special custom laser-cut designs, first contact us to start the analysis of your requirements and to determine the price and MOQ.

What are the steps of ordering a custom VELCRO patch?
Pre-designed custom made patches can be ordered in a few seconds after picking the right options and setting the quantity for the order.
Special customized patches have a longer and more complex process. However we will try to make it very simple working with you along the way:

Send us your artwork in any common format (.jpg / .png / .pdf / .ai / .cdr / .psd / .eps / .svg / etc). The higher resolution the better. However, low resolution files may work as well if you don’t have the chance or time to provide hi-res pictures.
Give us detailed information with your requirements (size, background/colors, etc); also an estimation of quantity would be helpful.
Our experienced team will assess your project from a feasibility standpoint (*), and as a result a price per item and a MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) will be given to you.
During the analysis, we may make improvement recommendations if we find them beneficial for the project. Improvements will generally be related with durability, resistance, cost, etc.
Upon approval of price and MOQ, we will send you a link to a quote on our website to place the order. Payments can be made by credit card or PayPal.
Once the order is placed, we will start with the design, production tests, and final production. The whole process takes on average 1-2 business days.

We will ship your order with a tracking number from our production facility in Alicante (Spain). We will keep the design should you need to order it again in the future. In that case, MOQ will no longer apply, you will have the chance to order even one single item.
Also, we will not make it available for purchase in our webstore although we may share it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media.
(*) Should we find feasibility concerns, we would work with you to find solutions and/or alternatives.

How long until I get my custom order?
Pre-designed custom patches are made and shipped the same or next business day.
Special custom patch designs are made and shipped within 1-2 business days upon order reception. Orders are shipped from our facility in Alicante (Spain) with a tracking number. We use a quite reliable and fast method which takes 4-7 business days to the European Union and 7-10 business days to the US and the rest of the world.

Who buys custom VELCRO patches?
The public ordering custom VELCRO patches is extremely assorted, ranging from individuals to demanding professionals which need great performance items:

Military and LE personnel order custom VELCRO name patches and custom call signs for identification purposes.
Also, military and LE officers were the first users of custom IR patches which currently are items widely used by other groups of customers.
First responders of any kind (law enforcement, EMS, firefighters, SAR, etc) usually request custom VELCRO patches in order to be clearly identified even in low or no visibility conditions.
Corporations, organizations, and even military units often order custom logo patches depicting their official emblems and mottos.
K9 teams get custom dog patches for their little buddies.

Custom morale patches and custom tactical patches have more generic uses and users. They can be worn to show patriotism, support your country or team unit, express ideals, spirit or attitude, invoke esprit de corps, intimidate the enemy, or simply depict funny memes or quotes.
Custom airsoft patches are made and shipped every single day to clubs and teams around the globe.
Fans and freaks buy custom logo patches related to their favorite movies and games.
And for sure, we forget many other collectives here.