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US Air Force Patches

The Air Force is the most restrictive branch in the US Armed Forces in which Air Force badges may be worn on uniforms. Official organizational patches in the USAF follow strict regulations that govern their design, color, and types of accepted badges. Patches officially authorized in the USAF are mostly requested to be embroidered. The only exceptions are Air Force duty identifier tabs in which their infrared versions can be made with other technologies (laser-cut, vinyls, etc).

At Tactical Freaky, we specialize in producing laser-cut VELCRO patches, which include the option to feature infrared reflectivity (IR). In fact, we’ve often supplied official infrared air force TACP patches to USAF personnel operating with other Army and SF units. Our infrared laser-cut patches are made to military standards and have passed several tests performed by those units before being issued to their personnel.

In our catalog, we also include many air force duty tab identifiers in use in the USAF along with other non-official Air Force insignias and badges. When we say “non-official”, we actually mean that they don’t follow the regulations of the USAF basically for not being embroidered. This means you can’t wear them on your uniform when on duty. However, most “non-official” Air Force badges have been made upon requests of either USAF retired veterans who wanted to proudly wear them, or Air Force enthusiasts and fans who simply wished to wear them on their caps or backpacks.

Laser-cut? And VELCRO backed? What’s the point of laser-cut Air Forces VELCRO patches?

We’re the market leader in designing and making laser-cut patches. No other laser-cut patch maker out there has such a large selection of designs (400+) customizable in countless ways (800+ colors, 10+ sizes, etc). Laser-cut patches have been widely adopted by all military branches considering their advantages over other types of patches:

  • ability to feature infrared reflectivity (IR) key in combat situations for IFF (identification friend or foe) and to avoid friend fire,
  • other light effects options available: standard reflectivity of visible light, and glow in the dark (GITD),
  • extreme endurance and durability, built to last,
  • and high laser-cut precision and accuracy which provide more detailed texts and images on the patch.

VELCRO® Brand fasteners are hard and durable components which allow for a quick and easy removal and replacement of patches on the uniform. VELCRO hook and loop fasteners can be used on a myriad of different surfaces, from clothing to helmets to backpacks and many other types of tactical gear. It provides a convenient method for attaching insignias and badges to any equipment. VELCRO durability and sturdiness are key aspects to endure the extremely hard and demanding combat environments.

Air Force OCP patches

All patches in our store can be ordered in OCP pattern. However, unless explicitly requested, we may use Multicam instead given the fact that both patterns are extremely similar. In fact, their differences are hardly noticeable in small products like patches.

In any case, should you need OCP instead of Multicam, we will offer OCP as well starting Q2 2002. Learn more about OCP.

Air Force OCP patches placement

As mentioned above, the USAF is the most restrictive when it comes to patch regulations. Placement of air force patches on uniforms is also strictly regulated.

In general, a maximum of two patches may be worn on the right sleeve: The US flag insignia is mandatory centered at the top of VELCRO, and a unit patch (if available) goes under the flag or a non-unit entity patch.

Another two patches as maximum may be worn on the left sleeve: higher headquarters patch (HHQ) centered in the middle of sleeve and optionally a duty identifier tab of the approved duty list found in AFI 36-2903.

They may optionally wear duty arches (tabs) required for quick identification, as well as earned and awarded patches from other services in accordance with that services regulations above the HHQ patch on the left sleeve.

Tactical Freaky, your one stop shop for highly customizable Air Force military patches

We strive to build the best and largest catalog of laser-cut VELCRO patches in the world. We offer endless customization options to make sure your patch matches perfectly your gear:

  • 40+ background options (solid colors and camouflages), including OCP pattern,
  • 20+ texts/images options (colors and reflectivity features), including solid colors, infrared reflectivity (IR), and several white light reflective films,
  • 10+ sizes available, ranging from 1×1 to 10×4 inches

Overall, there 800+ color scheme possibilities in 10+ sizes. No other air force patch maker out there is able to offer so many customization options as Tactical Freaky.

Air Force Morale Patches

The Air Force is currently allowing airmen to wear morale patches on certain days or during special events under authorization of the Wing or Squadron Commander. However, morale patches can often be found on military clothing or gear worn by retired veterans, civilians, or off-duty military personnel.

Looking for a custom Air Force patch?

Need a custom design? Willing to get any official Air Force unit patch made in laser cutting technology? Or simply looking for a US Air Force veteran patch? Feel free to contact us, and we’ll gladly assess your proposal in terms of feasibility, cost, and MOQ (minimum order quantity).

We’re open and willing to make new additions to our growing catalog. Should you wish to get a popular USAF patch made in laser-cut, just contact us. Many customers in the past have requested popular Air Force badges and insignias to be cut with laser technology: Air Force parachutist patches, the Arnold (“Hap” Arnold) wings patch (official symbol of the USAF), Air Force rank patches, etc.