K9 patches

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K9 patches

K-9 patches are essential identifications for service and working dogs to clearly show passersby the job a dog is doing, prevent unwanted and interfering contact, and make sure the dog stays focused on its task.

In addition to individuals, these are items often used by a variety of organizations using working dogs for a number of specialized tasks: military units, law enforcement agencies, and search and rescue teams, among others.

Usually K9 Police patches and K9 rescue patches are ordered with reflective configurations to provide high visibility and guarantee safety and security for dogs and handlers in low or no visibility conditions. However, K9 subdued patches are preferred when concealment is mandatory, for instance in military K9 units.

Our K9 patches are military-grade items, made using Mil-Spec materials procured from certified American and European suppliers. They’re waterproof and thus fully washable, so no need to worry if your dog gets messy.

Laser-cut? And Velcro backed? What’s the point of lasercut K9 Velcro patches?

Tactical Freaky patches are made using precision CNC laser cutting machines. Compared to embroidered and PVC patches , laser-cut items provide key advantages hardly feasible in other types of patches:

  • Extreme resistance and durability.
  • Ability to feature special light effects: IR (infrared reflectivity), glow in the dark (GITD), and reflectivity (of visible light in darkness).
  • Countless customization options (800+ colors and camouflages, different sizes and shapes, etc).
  • High accuracy and precision providing cleaner cuts and more detailed images.

All our items are Velcro backed. Velcro hook and loop fasteners provide a quick and convenient system to mount patches on almost any kind of gear, no matter the type of surface (clothes, plastic, etc). K9 patches for vests and for collars are good examples of the flexibility and adaptability of Velcro hook and loop fasteners.

Velcro endurance and longevity are key in severe environments making it the attachment system of choice for use in rough terrains and all weather conditions.

Another advantage of using Velcro is that you can easily share patches among several dogs on your team and even put the right patch on dogs with multiple roles depending on the task to perform.

Tactical Freaky, your one stop source for high customizable K9 patches

We strive to build the largest and best selection of working K9 patches in the world, offering you the chance to tailor your patch to your needs thanks to countless customization options:

  • 40+ Backgrounds (colors and camouflages).
  • 20+ different Vinyls for texts and images.
  • 10+ available sizes (from 1×1 inches to 4×10).
  • And a number of different shapes. Along with most standard ones (squares, rectangles, and circles), we can make patches in odd shapes: shields, skulls, triangles, rhombuses, and spades, among others.

Many of our K9 insignias and badges are sold in pairs. They also can be ordered in large and small sizes, not only to match the dimension of your dog, but also to let you place them on the harness or on the collar.

Design your own custom K9 patch!

Willing to display your dog’s name on a custom K-9 patch? Just drop us a message to start working on your K9 nametape.

Searching for a K9 sheriff patch instead? Show everyone you’re a trained police K9 handler and showcase pride in your police dog with our awesome K9 unit patches and K9 handler patches.

No matter which kind of K-9 Velcro patch you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered. Whether you need a K9 morale patch or simply a funny K9 patch with a special custom design, we will gladly assess your needs in terms of feasibility, cost, and MOQ (minimum order quantity). Finally, our skilled team will work with you to make your patch look great!

Don’t forget to check out our section of Custom Patches. There we offer several pre-designed templates which may fulfill your requirements at affordable prices, no minimums, and no setup fees.