About Us

Established in 2017, Tactical Freaky S.L. is an online retailer based and registered in Spain, VAT Registration Number ESB67058511, with a design office near Barcelona and the main production facility in Alicante.

At Tactical Freaky we’re specialized in the design, production and sale of Laser Cut tactical and morale patches, either IR (Infrared Reflective), Hi Viz (reflective to visible light) or GITD (Glow in the Dark). Our patches are made using the best materials commercially available, in particular the vast majority of the fabrics we use are genuine and military grade materials directly imported from the US (*), and the rest of components are bought to big european or american companies, among others 3M.

(*) The only exceptions where fabrics are not imported from the US are when the fabrics are used by the military of other countries, like Germany, Russia, etc; obviously in these cases the fabrics are procured from certified suppliers located in the specific country.

Pintor Cabrera 22, Esc.B, 2-A

VAT Registration Number:  ESB67058511