Custom Texts With Full Color Flag Lasercut Velcro Patch

Custom Patch with Your Own Texts and Hi Vis Flag Background


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  • Need help choosing camos/colors? Check out the list of available Backgrounds and Base Materials for Texts/Images
  • Fast and Free shipping to most countries where post is reliable. We do ship to APO/FPO.
  • We ship same or next business day, except large orders or when including complex custom designs.
  • Delivery to the US: 7-10 business days (*) / to the European Union: 4-7 business days / to APO/FPO and rest of the world: 2-4 weeks.
  • Designed in Barcelona. Made in Spain with attention to detail and using the best military grade materials (most of them made in the US and some few sourced in Germany/UK).
(*) Trackings to the US may take up to 4-5 biz days to show in USPS website. This is correct because we use UPS expedited for the overseas itinerary Spain>US to speed up the delivery. While orders are flying with UPS, USPS will show "waiting for item" status.


This listing is for ONE (1) patch with up to 3 LINES OF TEXT which you can partially customize following the instructions explained below. Please note that the layout and size can’t be customized. 


Don’t hesitate to message us if you have doubts or special requests not clarified or explained in this listing description, but PLEASE (!!), BEFORE SENDING US A MESSAGE READ BELOW to check if your doubt/request is already explained. PLEASE avoid messaging us for topics already described here, answering mails is extremely time consuming.

For placing an order, you just need to select the right background and texts/logos colors/camos options. When proceeding to checkout you will have the chance to ADD A NOTE TO THE ORDER, please write there (as a note) the texts to laser cut in the patch. A few good examples of NOTES would be the following:


(…. or writing …)


Please surround each text with quotation marks (“) to avoid mistakes.

This design accepts up to 3 lines of up to 11 characters each ( including spaces and punctuation signs), but you can request only 1 or 2 lines of text if you wish, as long as each line doesn’t exceed the maximum length.

Please note that, in general, it may be harder to see the flag underneath as you add more lines of text .  Also, the longer the texts per line (many characters per line), the harder to see the flag. The best scenario to see clearly the flag underneath is when placing only one single line of a short text, while on the other side, it can be difficult to see the flag details when requesting all 3 lines of long texts. Please consider this when requesting your texts.

We’ll write the text using Bold and Uppercase letters, no other options are allowed. To check which kind of letters we use, just take a look at our patches in the store where you will see many examples.

The text will be written EXACTLY as you wrote in the note, including spaces, punctuation signs etc, so please be very careful when writing it. Any lowercase letters in your note will be converted to uppercase without notice.

You have several options with regards the Flag Reflectivity:

  • SOLAS grade Reflectivity: underneath the flag we place a 3M SOLAS-certified honeycomb tape, which provides a superb reflectivity which fulfills the strict safety requirements of vessels at sea (SOLAS = Safety Of Life At Sea)
  • Standard Reflectivity: we place a white reflective tape with medium-high reflectivity, a good choice for when you need to be seen in the dark when hit by flashlights or headlights. This is the reflectivity generally used in the uniforms of First Responders.
  • No Reflectivity: we place a non-reflective white tape in case you don’t need (or don’t want) reflectivity at all.

Please note that when using reflective flags in the dark, and being hit by direct sources of light (torches, headlights, etc), the higher the intensity of the light the more difficult it will be to distinguish the flag. In other words, when hit by high intensity lights, you will see the reflection of the patch but it may be hard to see the flag.

Specifications of the patch (size, materials, etc) are described just below, please read them.

Main Features: 

  • Made of Laser Cut 500D Cordura Mil-Spec fabrics.  All our fabrics (black, multicam, ACU, OD, etc) are MADE IN USA, except fabrics used by the military of other countries like Germany and Finland which are procured in the specific country.
  • Backed with HOOK VELCRO® Brand fastener (LOOP side not supplied, add a note to the order requesting it should you need the LOOP side, we will include it at no cost).
  • FREE SHIPPING to most countries.
  • We usually need around 3-4 business days to make custom patches, then please note that we can’t ship fast and will need a few days.
  • We will make a full refund in case the article is faulty, damaged or gets lost on its way.
  • In case you have any problem with the product please contact us before leaving bad feedback. We’ll try our best to help and fix the problem.

Additional information

Background Color/Camo

A-TACS AT (Arctic Tundra) (T54), A-TACS AU (T38), A-TACS FG (T17), A-TACS Ghost (T22), A-TACS IX (T35), A-TACS LE-X (T08), ACU (T20), AOR1 / Digital Desert MARPAT (T40), AOR2 / NWU Type III (T14), Black (T01), Coyote Brown / Tan (T31), Dark Brown (T73), Denim (T78), Desert Night (T61), Desert Sand (T33), Desert Tiger Stripe (T42), Digital Flora (EMR RusPat) (T65), Flecktarn (T16), Georgia Peach (T77), Gold (T85), Grass Green (T79), Kryptek Highlander (T39), Kryptek Mandrake (T19), Kryptek Obskura (T68), Kryptek Raid (T29), Kryptek Typhon (T09), M05 Woodland (M05), Mango (T72), MARPAT Woodland / Digital Woodland (T11), Mirage (T86), Multicam (T10), Multicam Alpine (T50), Multicam Arid (T30), Multicam Black (T05), Multicam Tropic (T15), Navy Blue (T93), Neon Lime (T94), Neon Pink (T74), OCP (T64), OD Green / Olive Drab (T13), Orange Fluo Hi Vis (T91), Partizan SS Leto (T62), Pencott Badlands (T36), Pencott Greenzone (T60), Pencott Sandstorm (T37), Pencott Snowdrift (T55), Police Dark Blue (T06), Port (T75), Purple (T71), Ranger Green (T12), Red (T96), Rhodesian Brushstroke (T69), Royal Blue (T92), Rust (T70), Six-Color Desert Chocolate Chip (T41), Splatter (T83), Tan 499 (T32), Tiger Stripe Vietnam (T84), Tropentarn (T45), Turquoise (T76), Vegetato (T63), White (T51), Wolf Gray (T25), Woodland M81 (T18), WWII Frogskin Brownside (T43), WWII Frogskin Greenside (T67), Yellow Fluo Hi Vis (T98)

Flags (Color)

France, Germany (Black/Red/Yellow), Italy, USA, USA (Waving)

Flag Reflectivity

No Reflective (S0), Standard Reflectivity (R1), 3M SOLAS Honeycomb Reflectivity (A)


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