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Unfortunately it's difficult for us to show you some examples of OCP patches, because ALL patches in our store can be ordered in OCP (or Multicam) along with many other backgrounds.

Below, we list a few examples. However don't worry about filtering our patches by OCP because ANY patch can actually be made in OCP.

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OCP patches

The Operational Camouflage Pattern (OCP), codenamed as Scorpion W2, is the current pattern in use by 3 branches of the US Armed Forces: US Army, US Air Force, and US Space Force.

The new Scorpion W2 pattern abandons the ACU digital pattern for a more natural look. The new camo conceals better at short and long ranges by featuring colors and shapes frequently found in a variety of environments.

Hundreds of trials were made at many locations worldwide —at different times of the day, in varying elevations, seasons, and weather conditions— and the conclusion was that Scorpion W2 was the most effective.

Scorpion W2 (OCP) vs Multicam

Actually, Scorpion W2 is a pattern closely related to Multicam.

Multicam is the pattern which was previously used for US troops deploying to Afghanistan, being a commercial trademark of Crye Precision available to non-military customers and in use by other countries’ militaries.

Scorpion W2 was developed by a joint venture of Crye Precision and the Army’s Natick Labs as part of a government contract. In fact, Scorpion W2 was an improvement made by the Army based on the Scorpion pattern (note without W2), being this last one an improvement of Multicam made by Crye Precision. Long story short, Scorpion W2 is actually an evolved version of Multicam made in 2 steps.

Both OCP (Scorpion W2) and Multicam patterns are almost identical to non-expert eyes as their differences are hardly noticeable in small items like patches. On the other hand, differences can be better perceptible on larger surfaces like uniforms—although this can be hard unless you know what to look for to distinguish them.

Also both are equally effective; the main difference is the lack of some vertical and thin spots in OCP which are present in Multicam. Another subtle difference is that Multicam has a slightly sharper and darker appearance.

In fact, an Army source with knowledge of the process which took place to test and eventually chose Scorpion W2, stated that both looked virtually the same in terms of performance and concealment.

Actually, it looks like one of the main reasons why Multicam was not eventually adopted as OCP is that problems emerged with price negotiations (remember Multicam is a commercial trademark), so the Army decided to go with Scorpion W2.

Which pattern do we use at Tactical Freaky? Scorpion W2 (OCP) or Multicam?

We do have Multicam in stock, and are currently in process of procuring Scorpion W2. We expect to make it available to customers in Q1 2022.

Given the fact that in small articles differences between OCP and Multicam are extremely hard to notice, at Tactical Freaky, we’ve decided to use Multicam and Scorpion W2 interchangeably in our products unless explicitly requested.

You don’t have to worry when ordering a patch in Multicam pattern because it will match with your OCP uniform perfectly, and vice versa. However, during Q1 2022 you will have the option to choose Scorpion W2 (OCP) explicitly in our store when placing your order.

Laser-cut? And Velcro backed? What’s the point of laser-cut OCP velcro patches?

We strive to build the best and largest selection of OCP patches made with laser cutting processes.

Laser-cut patches have big advantages over embroidered and PVC patches in terms of endurance, durability, and resistance in extreme combat conditions.

Other benefits of laser-cut insignias include:

  • better detailed texts and logos thanks to the accuracy and precision of CNC laser cutting machines,
  • possibility to feature Infrared Reflectivity (IR) and standard reflectivity (white light) should you have any special requirement for use in low or no visibility conditions.

Laser-cut patches are items which originated for military environments due to their awesome endurance and especially for their ability to display Infrared Reflectivity for IFF purposes.

Looking for an OCP custom patch?

Do you need a custom OCP badge or insignia? Looking for an OCP morale patch? Don’t forget to take a look at our Custom patches section. Should you need a design not currently available in the store, feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your request.

Please note that all patches in our store can be ordered in any available background, including OCP and Multicam.

Our team at Tactical Freaky has acquired creative and outstanding design skills and an extensive manufacturing expertise. In fact, we have already shipped thousands of custom patches worldwide since 2017!