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Funny patches

Show your sense of humor and spread some laughter by ordering a humorous patch from our large selection of FUNNY PATCHES.

Whether you need a funny morale emblem for your team, a funny dog patch patch for your little buddy, or any other type of funny insignia, we’ve got you covered.

Sometimes you just need a laugh or have some fun when you face boring or depressing tasks. In those situations, a hilarious patch provides a good way of bringing in humor to turn dreary into fun or make things more engaging.

Funny morale patches are often used to build team cohesion and boost motivation. They’re not always authorized in the military, however they’re often seen worn by veterans, civilians, and even off-duty military personnel.

Funny badges often show sarcastic, witty, or comical content, usually in the form of quotes, jokes, memes, and even humorous images.

Laser-cut? And Velcro backed? What’s the point of lasercut funny velcro patches?

Tactical Freaky specializes in making patches using laser cutting technology. Laser-cut patches feature many advantages over other types of patches:

  • Extreme resistance and durability.
  • Ability to feature special light effects: IR (infrared reflectivity), glow in the dark (GITD), and reflectivity (of visible light in darkness).
  • Countless customization options (800+ colors and camouflages, different sizes and shapes, etc).
  • High accuracy and precision providing cleaner cuts and more detailed images.

Also, all our patches are Velcro backed. Velcro is a rugged and durable material which provides a fast and convenient method to attach patches and other elements to almost any surface (clothes, helmets, plate carriers, etc).

As a result, Velcro is the attachment system of choice for use in extreme conditions, for example in real combat environments, or in search and rescue operations.

Tactical Freaky, your one stop source for funny patches

We aim to build the largest and best selection of funny badges and insignias, featuring a myriad of customization options no other funny patch maker can offer:

  • 40+ background options (solid colors and camouflages), including OCP pattern,
  • 20+ texts/images options (colors and reflectivity features), including solid colors, infrared reflectivity (IR), and several white light reflective films,
  • 10+ sizes available, ranging from 1×1 to 10×4 inches

Design your own custom funny patch!

Looking for a funny military patch? Needing a funny airsoft patch for your team? Or simply having in mind a witty saying you’d like to see represented in the form of a funny quote patch?

Get in touch with us! We will gladly assess your requirements in terms of feasibility, cost, and MOQ (minimum order quantity). We’ll make your patch look great!

Don’t forget to check out our selection of Custom Patches. There you will find pre-designed templates at affordable prices, no setup fees, and no minimums, which may fulfill your needs without requiring an assessment—fast, easy, and at affordable prices.