British Army TRF’s

Check out below the list of available TRF’s in alphabetical order
1st Aviation Brigade - FT-027
(ref. FT-027)

1st Aviation Brigade

1st Parachute Regiment - FT-012
(ref. FT-012)

1st Parachute Regiment

1st Royal Anglian - FT-016
( ref. FT-016)

1st Royal Anglian

1st The Queens Dragoon Guards - FT-014
(ref. FT-014)

1st The Queens Dragoon Guards

2nd Parachute Regiment - FT-019
(ref. FT-019)

2nd Parachute Regiment

2nd Royal Anglian - FT-023
(ref. FT-023)

2nd Royal Anglian

2nd Royal Welsh - FT-008
(ref. FT-008)

2nd Royal Welsh

3rd Parachute Regiment - FT-002
(ref. FT-002)

3rd Parachute Regiment

3rd Royal Anglian - FT-021
(ref. FT-021)

3rd Royal Anglian

Army Air Corp - FT-005
(ref. FT-005)

Army Air Corp

Brigade of Guards Household Division - FT-026
(ref. FT-026)

Brigade of Guards Household Division

Duke of Lancaster's Regiment - FT-017
(ref. FT-017)

Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment (lion)

Kings Royal Hussars - FT-020
(ref. FT-020)

Kings Royal Hussars

Military Police - FT-006
(ref. FT-006)

Military Police

Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment - FT-004
(ref. FT-004)

Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment

RAF Regiment - FT-022
(ref. FT-022)

RAF Regiment

Royal Army Medic Corp - FT-030
(ref. FT-030)

Royal Army Medic Corp

Royal Dragoon Guards - FT-003
(ref. FT-003)

Royal Dragoon Guards

Royal Gurkha Rifles - FT-024
(ref. FT-024)

Royal Gurkha Rifles

Royal Lancers - FT-013
(ref. FT-013)

Royal Lancers

Royal Logistics Corps - FT-001
(ref. FT-001)

Royal Logistics Corps

Royal Regiment of Artillery - FT-009
(ref. FT-009)

Royal Regiment of Artillery

Royal Regiment of Fusiliers - FT-018
(ref. FT-018)

Royal Regiment of Fusiliers

Royal Regiment of Scotland - FT-007
(ref. FT-007)

Royal Regiment of Scotland

Royal Scots Dragoon Guards - FT-011
(ref. FT-011)

Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

Royal Signals - FT-015
(ref. FT-015)

Royal Signals

Royal Tank Regiment - FT-028
(ref. FT-028)

Royal Tank Regiment

Royal Wessex Yeomanry - FT-025
(ref. FT-025)

Royal Wessex Yeomanry

Specialised Infantry Group - FT-010
(ref. FT-010)

Specialised Infantry Group

Yorkshire Regiment - FT-029
(ref. FT-029)

Yorkshire Regiment